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Toby McGarry


    Mostly known for Tandem Hang Gliding

    my Story

    Born Tucson Arizona~ Giddy Up Cowboy!

    WORK: Ball and Chained to Bumblebee Hang Gliding

    House burned down in Austin Texas around 2001, I was lucky enough to to find a room with a Crazy Texan named Tanner while my house was rebuilt. This character has been coming to Interlaken many years and so I hooked my wagon on to visit this lovely place that following season. That was 21 years ago..

    As I basked in the pristine beauty that is called Interlaken you cannot help but watch the hundreds of Paragliders flying overhead every day. Then there was that odd Hang Glider every once and awhile..that is the one. I learned to fly that first summer and we used my license to get me a job driving for the company and we were off. The area and the people here spring boarded me around the globe, truly opened doors and insights to many people and cultures this round world had to offer.

    I think you need to be happy no matter where you find yourself. I have been lucky to have lived in some amazing places that’s for sure. New Zealand stands out for amazing diverse landscapes and a Can Do attitude culture with enough adventure to get your fill.

    my beer of choice & why

    Our office is maybe a little too close to The Barrel Brewery than it should can find the BumbleBee crew there after a day of flying enjoying some frosties often. The boys also Paragliding in their off time so “Wingover” Citra Blonde resonates well with this team.


    I am pretty proud to be an owner operator of an Adventure Company that employs people to make a living doing what they love. It really is a pinch me moment, we are truly living the dream!


    Getting into the garage and turning some wrenches on the old cars, Gather some smiles and fire up the BBQ, of course a few cold cervezas in the mix… Que viva! is good.