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Timmay Poole


    So many things.. but since living Switzerland I’ve been trying to ride my mountain bike

    my Story

    Born in Sunny Tamworth – the redneck capital of Australia

    WORK: Cafe and Hotel Manager in Interlaken

    Moved to Interlaken in 2000 for rafting and canyoning and was lucky enough to be thrown into a Kiwi heavy household who introduced me to ‘actual’ mountain biking. Originally I hated riding uphill, but due to the lack of mtb infrastructure in the local vicinity, it was an unnecessary evil. Fell in love with the sport and have done it religiously ever since…Can’t get enough.

    I am unceremoniously trying to be better and better on the bike every ride and now that my wife is also hooked, we ride at every given opportunity regardless of the time of year. Biking has become the motivation for adventure holidays in places like Finale Ligure, Madeira, Peru, Ecuador, NZ, Australia, Canary Islands. In the last 3 years I’ve taken to racing Enduro with satisfying results (for my age). It’s a super entertaining way of staying fit and motivated and it’s especially satisfying to be able to keep up (or go faster than) guys and gals nearly half my age.

    Favorite Spot:   Why? 

    As an escape from the paradise of Interlaken, it’s got to be Finale Ligure… nearest beach to us and the dreamland of food, coffee and biking. Oh, and doggies are welcome everywhere making it the perfect getaway destination.

    my beer of choice & why

    I love that my mate Shep has thrown his hand at brewing. I love having the chance to ‘test’ some new flavours as they hit the glass. It’s also great to feel like I’ve influenced a few of the brews along the way…..No favourites, but happy to try them all!


    More than 14 years of marriage is the obvious achievement, and second to that is turning that same wife into the biking goddess that she is – motivating and condoning all bike, related adventures. 

    Perhaps a proud mention should go to nearly 20 years of water sports adventure guiding without a significant incident on my watch. Pretty happy with that.


    Sunshine and an early start – Flat white, doggy walk, few Finale laps, gelato and a couple of golden throat charmers by the beach…… no work!