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Since 2018, we have been dedicated to brewing localy crafted beer. As a team, we take pride in serving high-quality craft beers.

Shepy & his mate Stefan began brewing in the Hüsi Kitchen, before opening hours, then in the garage at Funky Chocolate Club before moving to its current location on Blumenstrasse, 50m from Hüsi Bierhas, after 5 years.

Whether you prefer a delicious IPA, Porter, Amber, or seasonal beer, we always have something tasty for you to enjoy. We are a brewery that stands for innovation, balance, creativity and adventure.

where we started

ADVENTURE & craft beer

Interlaken, a renowned destination known for its rich history of adventure activities, sports, and excellent beer.

“Interlaken just got hoppier with Barrel Brewing, the new nano brewery in town!”

Shepy, the founder and head brewer of the company, is a passionate kitesurfer and enjoys spending time in the mountains.

Nelson, a keen skier and hiker. The Beach & mountains are where Nelson feels at home.

unique and hopefully interesting

brewery TEAM

Yip! Just the two of us. From the design of the recipies and lables to the final drop of beer in your glass.

Small, Local and made with pride!

brad shepheard ‘shepy’

Founder / Brewer

Recipe & Label Design

A to Z in the Company

Nelson Chacón Martín

Brewer / Brewery helper

Works at the Hüsi & Funky

Allround good guy!